A Different Perspective

It is easy to get news from Somalia regarding the Insurgency and it’s toll on the Civilian population there. What is not easy- and I have never come across such a piece- is finding inside news about how the Insurgents themselves are faring. What they are thinking, the possible strategies behind their actions, and inside stories about the emotional and psychological impact the continuous war is having on the young men. Yes, there are websites and blogs run by the Insurgents and their supporters, but we don’t see sites and blogs run by impartial people with inside knowledge about the Insurgents and the Insurgency.

This blog will provide analysis of the the only Insurgent group now remaining and information you may never know about them. How they indoctrinate their recruits even before recruiting them. How they teach them to follow orders without question. Where the Insurgents get their funding and weapons from.

I will also expose the government corruption that has fueled the Insurgency. How the Insurgents infiltrate them, why suspected infiltrators are not dealt with, and the extent to which the infiltration has reached.

Finally, please do follow my blog. With time, I will expose the shady dealings that fuel the insurgency inside and out.

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