Shabab Loses The Defence Minsitry for a brief period

Today early in the morning Government and AMISOM-actually mostly AMISOM- soldiers stormed the Northern district of Dayniile and parts of Hodan district. They launched the attacks from the Jalle Siyad Military Academy (Kulliyada Jalle Siyad).
Using heavy bombardment and tanks, they easily overran the Shabab and took the Defence Ministry in Dayniile District. To reach there, they had to use infantry supported by artillery barrages. Their vehicles could not cross the trenches.

AMISOM Tank at the Industrial area

By midday, the tide of the battle had turned, and Shabab managed to retake the defence ministry, kill 6 AMISOM soldiers that they are now dragging in the streets, and claim to have captured 2 soldiers that they said they would soon display to the media. Sources say that the shabab have about 10 men killed, and many other wounded.
It is not yet clear who controls the former military residences known as Shirkole in Somali, but both sides are claiming to be controlling it.

Shabab Spokesman showing gear taken from AMISOM.

The funny thing is, the government PM is claiming that the government now controls most of Mogadishu. Even if it were true that they had taken the areas they claimed to have taken, that is just a few city blocks. Mr Farmajo, surely you know Mogadishu more than this. Declaring victory is not the way to win over the people when everybody knows the battle today was a draw. Perhaps if he had gotten rid of all the Shabab Loyalists in his government and military, then they would have stood a chance for a surprise attack.
Or maybe this premature celebration by the Prime Minister is a ploy to shake the west for money and more arms to sell to Shabab. I wonder for how long he will be able to dupe them before they realise he is a fake just like all the others before him.

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