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In Puntland, Southerners Are Suspects

Last week dozens of people from the southern regions of Somalia were rounded up by the Puntland police, claiming they were Shabab suspects. In reality, most of the people were would-be immigrants on their way to Bossasso, where they would … Continue reading

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Shabab Withdrawal Shows TFG Intelligence Failure

The TFG and AMISOM were caught by surprise with the Shabab retreat from their front line positions from 11:00 to 02:00 Saturday morning. It took the TFG until mid-day to send some of their units to San’a in “North” Mogadishu … Continue reading

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Shabab Withdraw From All Of Mogadishu

The Shabab have finally withdrawn from the whole of the capital after keeping their lines for the past two years, losing thousands of fighters and killing about the same number from the TFG – and to a lesser extent from … Continue reading

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