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Why Blockading Kismayo Will Not Weaken Shabab Financially

The Somali Prime minister today met the Kenyan Prime Minister in Nairobi and changed the Somali government’s position regarding the Kenyan incursion into Somalia for the third time, saying that the Somali government supports the activities of the Kenyan forces … Continue reading

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The Shabab Reaping From The Kenyan Invasion

I had written about how the Shabab were going to lose the border towns in the Jubba regions, given the artillery and air support the local militias and TFG fighters there were getting from Kenya and Ethiopia. I had foreseen … Continue reading

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How Today’s Victory May Signal Beginning of The End For Shabab in Mogadishu

AMISOM today morning took a strategic path that is to the north of the Defence Ministry in Dayniile district, Mogadishu. AMISOM first took the Defence Ministry earlier this year, and the Shabab fought hard to stop them from advancing towards … Continue reading

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Why Shabab Supporters Are Convinced No Students Died In The KM4 Attack

After the Tuesday attack by a Shabab truck bomber on a TFG ministry complex that reportedly killed around a  hundred people, there was some hope that the attack would cause a backlash from the Shabab loyalist base. Apparently, that has … Continue reading

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